Party Bus “Lounge Edition”

The "Lounge Edition" of party bus is a pretty low key version of the party bus that, while maintaining some absolutely and fantastic party features from other buses such as a concert quality sound system, 60" LED TVs and Two 27" LED TVs, disco lights and laser show, disco floor, disco ceiling, and fantastic bar areas, the Lounge Edition has a more inherently calm feeling to it, including a VIP Disco Section and more low, exotic mood lighting that you are sure to absolutely loving taking in. If you are looking for a more relaxed and chill vehicle that more emulates the feel of a cocktail lounge, then the Lounge Edition is the vehicle for you.

Vehicle Features:

  • Seats 30 passengers
  • VIP Disco Section
  • 10,500 Watt sound system
  • CD/MP3/AM/FM/Ipod Hook Up
  • 60″ LED TV + Two 27″ LED TV
  • Disco Lights & Laser Show
  • Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling, Disco/Bars