Chicago Bachelor Party To-Do's

Planning a Bachelor Party in Chicago?

Everyone knows that Chicago is the greatest city in America, and as far as we're concerned, it is also the absolute greatest place to hold a Bachelor Party. However, with so many fantastic things to do in Chicago, it can be difficult figuring out where to go and getting organized can be a kind of a problem. However, by following this to-do list, you will have no problem getting organized and making sure that your bachelor party goes off without any issues!

Guest List...

The size of the guest list can vary depending on the scale you would like to have for your particular party. You could invite the whole laundry list of buddies that you have, or you can invite an elite group of friends that are most important for you to kick it with on this special night if yours. However, if you're not looking for an exclusive list, and are planning to invite a whole lot people, it is important to keep a few things in mind: make sure you don't forget to invite the obligatory people like the brother of the bride and even that kind of annoying cousin who you have to invite to everything. We know it's you're night, but if you're going with the laundry list, you can't forget the underwear! And also, throw away that notion that female friends can't be on the guest list for a bachelor party -- it's the 21st century, fellas! But also keep in mind that you might not want to invite female friends who happen to be closer to the fiance than you are. This can lead to all sorts of disasters, such as espionage! In short, just be smart about it, guys!

Time of the Party...

A great way to get started with a bachelor party is to get started with light cocktails at your favorite cocktail lounge or even in the den of a friend around 5 or 6pm, where everyone start to warm up and enjoy some light conversation. This is also a great time to invite those that maybe aren't heavy partiers and would like to wish the Bachelor in question, as well as the posse that will be accompanying him, a safe a fruitful night of partying and debauchery. You'll want to plan the bachelor party to be on a weekend night like Friday or Saturday night because not only will most of your guests likely not be able to make it on a weekday night, but you'll find that there's not nearly as much going on during the week around town as there would be on the weekend. Trust us on that.

Location, Location, Location...

There are so many things to consider when planning a perfect Bachelor party, but once you have your activities and events planned out, it's important to decide where you want to hold those activities and events. It's not enough to just bar hop around to just any old bar or you might come across some real stinkers, and don't get us started about not researching which strip club you're going to before you go there. We're telling you right now, it pays to be organized! Make sure you check each and every place on your itinerary, even if it means heading there in person to see for yourself if it is the kind of place you would like to spend your Bachelor Party.

Things to Ponder...

Overall, communication is key. It is important that everybody in your party knows the itinerary, when to be at the meet up place, when they can expect to be back, and how they should behave throughout the night so things don't get too out of hand. It's also absolutely vital that you contact each and every venue and location that you have decided upon before you get there so they can make proper arrangements and know that they have a large party heading there way, and many bars and clubs often treat Bachelor Parties very well, but only if they have been warned ahead of time, otherwise things can get pretty ugly. It's also important to be organized with how transportation is going to work. We strongly recommend renting a party bus or a limousine for the event, as that is the best way to keep the party going and avoid any drunk driving fiascos, but otherwise make sure that you choose trustworthy designated drivers who are smart and know their way around the City. Also, make sure that you have fun! Don't get worked up in the planning process and then forget to sit back and enjoy the event. Otherwise, what's the point?

Best Man's To-Do's...

  • 1. The planning of the bachelor party should rest mostly on your shoulders, so don't make the groom do all of the work.
  • 2. Sit down with the groom and make sure that all of his desires are met throughout this. It is his night after all.
  • 3. Don't be afraid to throw in a few surprises. He might have a certain idea of how things are going, so imagine how delighted he'll be when you go all out for him.
  • 4. Make sure to by by the Groom's side throughout the night and make sure that he doesn't do anything that he will regret.
  • 5. Make sure to pace yourself. While it is important that you have fun as well, you also should act as the "adult" in the equation and resolve any conflicts or issues.
  • 6. Make sure you contact all of the venues in a timely fashion so they can be sure to make accommodations for you.
  • 7. Make sure to inquire and do research about deals for Bachelor parties at any venues that you plan on going to, to make sure to get the best bang for your buck.
  • 8. Stay on budget and remain realistic. The last thing you want to do is go too overboard, especially when it comes to money.
  • 9. Remember to keep the Bride in mind. Sure, this should be the night where the Groom should be able to go all out, but there is a limit to everything.
  • 10. Do not invite any problem people! It's always good form to sit down with the Groom and review the guest list before finalizing it and sending invites.
  • 11. Remember, this is the Groom's night! Even if you have a different idea of where the party should go, just remember that whatever the Groom says goes!
  • 12. Figure out transportation early. Whether you plan on renting a luxury vehicle or carpooling, it is important to know what your needs are well ahead of time.

Groomsmen To-Do's...

  • 1. Take tons of pictures.
  • 2. Remain civil and don't go too wild!
  • 3. Suppor the Best Man in whatever ways you can.
  • 4. Don't make it all about you, remember what this is about!
  • 5. Tip your bartenders and servers!
  • 6. Clean up after yourselves.

Groom's To-Do's...

  • Have Fun!
  • Bond with Your Buddies!
  • Don't cheat on your fiancĂ©e!