Destinations for Your Bachelor Party in Chicago

There are several different and fun activities you can do for a Chicago Bachelor Party. We are happy to present you with some of the fun adventures you and your best buddies can take.

The night of your Bachelor Party should be one of the most fun and exciting nights of your entire life. You want it to be one of the most memorable nights that you will ever be able to recall. It should be a celebration of your waning days as an unmarried man. As a result, it is important to make sure that you go all out so you can truly say that you painted the town red. Think about it, there will probably be no chances for you to really experience a night like this again! You should truly go all out!

While it is important to experience the night in the best way possible, it is also important to stay true to yourself and experience the night as you feel the most comfortable. There are all sorts of different ideas that you can do for your bachelor party, so check out the list of ideas that we have compiled below that are sure to really get the ball rolling for you as far as your mindset goes when planning the ultimate Bachelor Party!

Ideas that won't break the Bank

  • Karaoke Night
  • Backyard Barbecue
  • Hookah Bar
  • Stand-Up Comedy Show
  • Camping
  • Bowling
  • Poker in the Den
  • Video Arcade

Ideas that are Over-the-Top

  • Bar Hopping
  • Party Bus
  • Casinos
  • Rent a Beach House
  • Hit a Ski Resort
  • Skydiving
  • Strip Club
  • Hit Vegas

Popular Ideas:


Bar-Hopping is one of the best and most surefire way of making sure that the bachelor party goes absolutely fantastically! You get to hit up all of the best and most exciting bars, pubs, and lounges in the area and get progressively more and more turned up as the night goes on! There are so many different fantastic places to pick up a beer and some mixed drinks in the Chicago area -- that's without a doubt! If there are any ideas on this list that are most frequently selected for Bachelor Parties it would definitely be bar hopping, and that's because it is a foolproof way to have a blast on the night of your Bachelor Party!

Party Bus

Party Buses are really the best of all worlds when it comes to planning the ultimate night of Bachelor partying! You get to enjoy heading around to all sorts of different events and activities such as bar hopping, hitting clubs, strip clubs, going bowling, hitting the casinos, and so on and so forth, but you get to do it all on wheels. These are also fantastic, and sophisticated vehicles that come equipped with their own laundry list of fantastic features and amenities such as hardwood floors, plush leather seats, concert quality sound systems, flat screen televisions, and sleek granite topped bar areas that can store whatever drinks you'd like!

Stand-Up Comedy Show

It's important to mix the itinerary up a little bit, and in between heading around to a bunch of bars and various social activities, it's important to sit back and unwind a bit, and let yourself laugh a whole lot. Heading to an activity that is great for entertainment is a great way to change the pace up a bit with the bachelor party. Some of the best comedians in the world make their way through the Chicago area so if you plan the bachelor party accordingly, you could really see some real knee slappers on your night out. Not to mention that most venues that host stand up comedians also serve alcohol so you can keep the party going!


Sometimes it's fun to put it all on the line and see if you can win big! If you're looking to be a little bit risky on your big night out, then look no further than heading to a casino! Casinos are fantastic, grandiose, and they're a great way to really feel alive! Whether you're a fan of the blackjack tables, a game of poker, or just want to try your hand at the slots, Casinos have something for everybody. And, with many casinos offering rather reasonable drink prices, you can continue to whet your palate as you look to win some big money at your preferred game of choice!


Sometimes the best way to enjoy your final days as an unmarried man is by heading out to the great outdoors with some of your best friends, enjoying some beers around the campfire, gazing at the stars in the sky with some great clear airs and being away from the crazy city life. It is just the right amount of contrast you might night amidst all of the crazy throes of wedding planning. Sure, this idea isn't exactly painting the town red or going crazy, but sometimes that's not for everybody and enjoying some great outdoors is just what some guys need.

Strip Clubs

While we completely understand that strip club bachelor parties are not for everybody, they can also be a fun and exciting way to spend the last awesome night out for an unmarried man. They're a great place to get some drinks, kick back, and enjoy some good, albeit not so clean fun. However, we strongly urge any Bachelor to have complete transparency with their bride to be, lest this particular idea ends up causing a rift in a newly blossomed marriage. When in doubt, it's best to skip this idea, but for those who have fiances that are comfortable with this idea, have fun!


There are so many guys who will talk at length about how they would absolutely love to go skydiving, but they never do, or never get a chance to. It's understandable, since it costs so much money to even do it, and it ends up only amounting to a few short minutes of a great time. But what better time of your life to make this happen than right before you get married? The thrill of skydiving is unparalleled, and you will feel more alive than you ever have before. Of course, this isn't for the faint of heart so always be honest with yourself and your ability to do some high octane thrill seeking like this before you do.


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. As we all know, Vegas is pretty much the Mecca of Bachelor Parties. It has everything you need. Bars, strip clubs, and casinos galore. Las Vegas is the place to go when you are looking to have the ultimate bachelor party. One that will go down in history as the absolute best bachelor party of all time. Sure, not all of your friends would be able to go to this, but this means you get to put together a posse of your closest confidants and really have the best night that you possibly could.