Chicago Sporting Events

Chicago has several sports teams to choose from. Among their professional sports team are the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Cubs.

No matter what sport genre you are interested in, you can count on the great city of Chicago to appease you int hose departments. And what better way to enjoy your Bachelor Party than by kicking it off, or by making a stop at a sports venue to cheer on your favorite team. If you ask just about any athlete what their biggest motivator in to playing well, they would undoubtedly say an energized and positive crowd -- whose energy they can easily feed off of.

Enjoying a sports game can be a fantastic way to spend any weekend afternoon, but when you consider the factoring in of a bachelor party as well, then it's a no brainer! Imagine how great it will feel sitting back with your party of buds, drinking some great beer, and then heading out to the best bars in Chicago after watching your favorite team win a big game! The feeling of elation is beyond compare. Whether you want to carpool to the event or rent a luxury vehicle to avoid traffic and parking issues, you are sure to absolutely love your experience stopping at your favorite sports team's game during your bachelor party outing.

The Chicago Bears have a great passion for their fans, and t hey also have a great passion for winning! If you head to a Chicago Bears game, you are sure to be leaving with a smile on your face with how fantastic their win record is. In addition, you will be happy to enjoy in the delights of the brilliant Soldier Field.
The legendary Chicago Blackhawks are a beloved treasure of the residents of Chicago, and the envy of Hockey fans around the world. They are simply the best! In addition to enjoying a game at the legendary United Center, you can enjoy a drink at the Park Tavern or The Ogden before and after the game to really top off your experience.
The Chicago Bulls are one of the most well respected sports team in the world, and for good reason! They are a very sportsmanlike team that has always been well respect amongst their colleagues. Anyone who dislikes them are just haters who are jealous! On top of all of that, heading to a Chicago Bulls game is like a nonstop party! Seriously, if you haven't been to a Bulls game then now is the time to check it out.
If you are a fan of baseball in Chicago, then you're either a fan of the White Sox or the Cubs. But if you are a White Sox fan, then you are clearly a fan of the U.S. Cellular Field as well. Sure, it might not be as world renowned as the legendary Wrigley Field, but it is till remarkable. With it within walking distance of the ChiSox Bar & Grill and the 35th Street Red Hots, you will love your day at the Chicago White Sox game!
The legendary Wrigley Field is the crown jewel of Chicago, without a doubt. And it is the home of the Chicago Cubs, whoa re also a fantastic crown jewel of the city. In addition to being a legendary and historic stadium, it is also nearby some legendary bars and restaurants such as Murphy's Bleachers, Sluggers World Class Sports B ar, and Mullen's on Clark!