Hummer H2 White Pearl

If you are a monumental fan of class and sophistication, and also are in the need of a luxury vehicle, then you may find a perfect fit int he Hummer H2 White Pearl Limousine. With it's 22" Chrome Rims, you will find that this vehicle will almost certainly turn every head that it passes by on the city streets. It can comfortably seat up to 25 passengers with its black leather seats and stylish Xenon Chassis. With it premium sound systems, exotic disco lights, and awe inspiring laser show, the Hummer H2 White Pearl does a fantastic job at combining a party feel with classy sophistication. You are sure to love this vehicle for any bachelor party needs!

Vehicle Features:

  • Seats 25 passengers
  • VIP Disco Section
  • 22″ Chrome Rims
  • Xenon Body Kit
  • 8,500 Watt sound system
  • CD/MP3/AM/FM/Ipod Hook Up
  • 46″ LED TV
  • Disco Lights & Laser Show
  • Disco Floor, Disco Ceiling/Bars